EeeMC 9.04.21

MythTV based on Ubuntu with XBMC added. Basically it is a fully setup Linux system with all of the necessary script changes and sudoers authorities completed. So with minimal setup requirements the user will have an excellent HTPC based on the Ubuntu 9.04 base.

This setup works particularly well.  Doesn't start up quite as quickly as EeeMC 10.10.24 and takes a while to do the fsck check, when that happens, around each 25th start.  Also, only records one station per tuner, but the picture quality is exceptional.



What's New in This Release:

1. Includes MythTV .21.

2. Latest ALSA Sound Package 1.0.24-2, Page.

3. Latest NVIDIA-Linux-270.41.19 drivers installed.

4. Three new themes plus all updates included for Ubuntu, MythTV and XBMC.

5. Includes a 15 band Graphic Equaliser.  With the Graphic Equaliser you will need to connect a keyboard to your HTPC to setup different sound configurations.  See the Audio section, in regard to the process.

6. Works with the older tuner cards, such as DVICO Rev 1, but also works with the newer cards.



i386, 1.10 GB, uploaded 28/06/2011,



FreewareFiles U.S. i386, 998 MB,
LINE SPEED: (1,000MBPS) 1GigE!




amd64, 1.00 GB, uploaded 12/09/2011,









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