EeeMC 10.10.24



MythTV based on Ubuntu with XBMC added. Basically it is a fully setup Linux system with all of the necessary script changes and sudoers authorities completed. So with minimal setup requirements the user will have an excellent HTPC based on the Ubuntu 10.10 base.

The Ubuntu 10.10 base is probably the most sophisticated of the Ubuntu releases.

These versions are probably the best so far, because of the excellent Ubuntu 10.10 base. 



What's New in This Release:

1. Includes MythTV .24.

2. Latest updates included for Ubuntu, MythTV and XBMC.  It is necessary to access System > Administration > Login Screen to change to Automatic Login. 

3.  XBMC includes RadioTime plugin.

4.  Includes a PulseAudio 15 band Graphic Equaliser.  The previously used Equalizer stopped working with Ubuntu 10.10.

5. With the Graphic Equaliser access Applications > Sound & Video > PulseAudio Equalizer to setup different sound configurations.  See the Audio section, in regard to the process.

6. NVIDIA-Linux-270.41.06 Drivers installed.


When updating to a later version of Linux, it will be necessary to reinstall the NVIDIA Driver.  This can be done on the reboot after the upgrade installation.

Reinstalling NVIDIA driver.

1. Make sure you have allocated a root password.

2. Restart your system and access Recovery Mode by holding down the Shift key.

3. Access Recovery Menu > Netroot and enter your root password when prompted.

4. Enter telinit 3, and login as root.

5. Enter cd /home/user/Downloads

user will be your user name.

6. Enter sudo sh ./N

When you enter the N press the Ctrl/Tab keys and the system will enter the full driver name.  This depends on you not having deleted the driver from the Downloads folder.




i386, 991.04 MB, Updated version, uploaded 02/05/2011,



FreewareFiles U.S. i386, 991.04 MB, uploaded 02/05/2011,
LINE SPEED: (1,000MBPS) 1GigE!


amd64, 1.04 GB, Updated version, uploaded 29/06/2011,











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