EeeMC 16.04.28

What´s in version 16.04.28,

MythTV .28.

Kodi, including choice of old XBMC skin as default.

Updated EeeMC Themes particularly TV Guide, Recordings and Videos.  The EeeMC themes are very easy to navigate, readable and attractive.

PulseAudio 15 band Graphic Equaliser.

Sound setup in this version is definitely better than Ubuntu 13.

Mythbuntu installer incorporated.

Switch between MythTV and Kodi using DVD button.

Incorporated script so that MythBackend starts even though computer is not connected to the Network.  Particularly suitable for combined MythFrontend, MythBackend system.

Extremely reliable programming of TV recordings.

Installation instructions and Screen Prints included.

Have only developed a 64 bit version.

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