EeeMC 10.04.24



MythTV based on Ubuntu with XBMC added. Basically it is a fully setup Linux system with all of the necessary script changes and sudoers authorities completed. So with minimal setup requirements the user will have an excellent HTPC based on the Ubuntu 10.04 base.



What's New in This Release:

1. Includes MythTV .24.

2. Recompiled latest ALSA Sound Package 1.0.23-2, Page.

3. Latest updates included for Ubuntu, MythTV and XBMC as at 12/09/2010.

4. Latest MythTV updates fixes the looping, and the MythWelcome locked screen problem.



When accessing MythBackend, if you get a blank background screen, it is necessary, to  then press Enter.





i386, 1.01 GB, Updated version, uploaded 27/05/2011,




amd64, 1.15 GB, Updated version, uploaded 27/05/2011,








































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