EeeMC 16 Audio

Any problems with audio follow these steps.  Make sure that you have checked Sound Settings and Graphic Equaliser settings are correct first and MythTV should show Alsa Pulse in Audio settings.

If you do not have presets set up in the Graphic Equaliser just use steps 2 and 3 then complete a restart.  Otherwise complete steps 1, 2 and 3  and complete a restart.  Then complete the remaining two steps.

1:  root@Computer:~# cp -r '/home/user/.config/pulse/presets' ./

2: root@Computer:~# rm -r /home/user/.config/pulse/*

3: root@Computer:~# rm -r /etc/skel/.config/pulse/*

4: root@Computer:~# cp -r ./presets /etc/skel/.config/pulse

5: root@Computer:~# mv ./presets /home/user/.config/pulse

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