EeeMC 12.04.24

Am now compiling own .iso which allows setting up required Name, Computer Name, User name and so on.

Will need user name, ubuntu, to start, no password required.

Will incorporate Mythbuntu installer, once that feature works correctly in EeeMC 12.04.24.

Using Computer Name, computer, and User name, user, will result in a fully set up system, tuned for Brisbane, Queensland.  Name used is, Computer User, but this is not critical.  Still need to run the commands shown in blue print.

However, the extra setting up, using own details, is not very extensive, as all of the necessary commands are retained.

Any problems with Remote may need accessing Dash home > Mythbuntu Control Centre > Infrared.  If correct Remote shown, access another Remote, Apply, then enter correct Remote, Apply.  Will then need to setup .lircrc again.

Because this is a Beta, until MythTV is set up, will get a few error messages, just ignore.  Also, not normally necessary to be involved in convoluted setup procedure.

Even though this is a Beta, still works better than Ubuntu 11.10.

To start off, access terminal and run following commands, keeping record of DBPassword,

user@computer:~$ sudo -i
[sudo] password for user:
root@computer:~# gedit /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
root@computer:~# sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database
root@computer:~# sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common

Then access MythTV Backend through Dash home.  A message will be generated reference joining MythTV group, will be necessary to Log out and in manually.  Will then need to access MythTV Backend through Dash home again, this time will be asked to select language.  Will need to access MythTV Backend through Dash home again, then follow procedures outlined.

Screenshot-0.png        Need to enter Security Code, 0000, see  Screenshot-1.png.  Need to access Dash home > MythTV Backend Setup.

Screenshots.png        In the other screenshots, necessary changes, have been highlighted.

Screenshot-24.png    Access Dash home > Startup Applications.  Tick MythWelcome.

Screenshot-26.png    Enter i, from MythWelcome, to access this screen.  Entering F11, from MythWelcome, allows access to an additional screen.

Screenshot-29.png    Add entry, as shown.  Copy of .lircrc attached, dot not entered on example, as it would then become a hidden file.  Should not be necessary with EeeMC 12.04.24 if using MCE, or Hauppage equivalent, remote.

Screenshot-31.png    Delete bottom entry, as shown, need to use arrow keys, Ctrl X, Y, then enter.  Copy of sudoers file, attached.  Should not be necessary with EeeMC 12.04.24.


See Audio Screenshots for base setting.  If Audio has wrong settings will affect TV play back.


See Playback screenshot for base setting.

i386, 1.06 GB, uploaded 26/12/2011,



FreewareFiles U.S. i386, 1.06 GB, uploaded 26/12/2011,
LINE SPEED: (1,000MBPS) 1GigE!




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