EeeMC 11 Installation

Live DVD Login;


User = user

Password = password

Computer name = computer

The sign in name, password, and so on, can be changed once installation is completed.  Changing the computer name, at any time, makes MythTV not work properly, am looking at this problem.


1. Configure your BIOS.


At startup press the del key to access the BIOS.

Go into Power Management Setup and set PME Event Wake Up to enabled.

This is to allow the scheduled recordings to work.

It may be necessary to try different BIOS settings to make it work.

In some cases you need to disable the RTC alarm function in the BIOS to make things work.On many boards, when the RTC setting is enabled in the BIOS, it will wake only from a time set and saved from BIOS setup, and not from a time set outside of the BIOS setup environment.

2. Burn .iso to DVD

3. Insert disc and follow instructions.

4. In the installed OS, use the  DVD button on the remote, to  switch between MythTV and XBMC.

5. If you have not used XBMC before, I suggest you find a guide to using the remote, or just play with the buttons.  You will be amazed at the hidden facilities that are available.

6. To change password, log in as normal, and enter, passwd, then as root, and enter, sudo passwd root,


user@computer:~$ passwd

root@computer:~# sudo passwd root


and follow the prompts.

7. The rule in Ubuntu when it comes to changing usernames.

You cannot change your username while you’re logged into the system. You must login with a different account to change it.  This means accessing System > Administration > Login Screen, or User Accounts in Ubuntu 11.10, and temporarily altering the Automatic Login to show the Login Screen to enable logging in as Root.  Once completed Log Out and Log In as User, twice with Ubuntu 11.04, also changing back to Automatic Login.

To change the User name, log in as root, then use the following command,


usermod -l new login name old login name




root@computer:~# usermod -l user01 user

8. To change the time zone,

root@computer:~# sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata


9. To change language, in MythTV, access, Utilities/Setup > Appearance > Localization, in XBMC, access System > Settings > International.

10. To access the Launcher, move the mouse cursor to the left side of the Desktop.  If changes are required to the Launcher operation, access Unity 2D settings in i386 version, or Ubuntu Tweak in amd64 version.


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