EeeMC 11.04.24

MythTV based on Ubuntu with XBMC added. Basically it is a fully setup Linux system with all of the necessary script changes and sudoers authorities completed. So with minimal setup requirements the user will have an excellent HTPC based on the Ubuntu 11.04 base.



What's New in This Release:

1. Includes MythTV .24.

2. Latest updates included for Ubuntu, MythTV and XBMC as at 20/10/2011.

3. Includes a PulseAudio 15 band Graphic Equaliser.  With the Graphic Equalizer access Aplications > Sound & Video > PulseAudio Equalizer to setup different sound configurations. See the Audio section, in regard to the process.

4. Compiling own .iso, installation information provided.

i386, 1.08 GB, uploaded 28/06/2012,

amd64, 1.38 GB, uploaded 24/10/2011,



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