BlueRay HTPC

BlueRay HTPC

Based on Ubuntu 16.04

Play your Blu Ray DVD’s using KODI, needs a Blu Ray capable DVD drive.  Will play 4 K Blu Ray discs.

Link provided giving information on how to play all Blu Ray’s.

MythTV .28.

Kodi, including choice of old XBMC skin as default.

Switch between these two applications using DVD button on remote.

MythTV provides excellent TV quality.

Updated EeeMC Themes particularly TV Guide, Recordings and Videos. The EeeMC themes are very easy to navigate, readable and attractive.

PulseAudio 15 band Graphic Equaliser.

Mythbuntu installer incorporated.

Incorporated script so that MythBackend starts even though computer is not connected to the Network. Particularly suitable for combined MythFrontend, MythBackend system.

Extremely reliable programming of TV recordings.

Fully detailed installation instructions and Screen Prints provided for Live Install, Permanent Install and burning .iso to USB using dd commands.

Script incorporated to make Ubuntu work correctly if using a WiFi Dongle.

This setup provides endless entertainment when the user becomes familiar with all of the facilities of MythTV and Kodi, previously XBMC.

It can be used as a Live Install with all of the facilities of a permanent install.

Convert your old PC to a fully functional HTPC with more facilities than the so called "Smart TV's".

Have only developed a 64 bit version.

I am getting exceptional Blu Ray quality using a basic HTPC,


This has an AMD Athlon 7750 dual core processor, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a GeForce 210 Graphics Card with 512 MB of memory. Also has an LG Blu Ray drive, CH12NS30, and have recently added an SSD, mainly to increase start up speed.

The TV is a 55'' Soniq, an economy brand.

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